3 Electric Car Companies Promising to Leave a Mark

Which electric car companies are poised for success?

With EV startups and established brands looking to outgun one another in function, practically, and style, we profile three promising electric car companies promising to make serious waves in 2018.

In this profile, we feature a vacuum cleaning companies turned EV tycoon, an urban concept, and a record-breaking 1,360-horsepower wunderkind.

Dyson of $400 Vacuum Cleaner Fame

The long-rumored Dyson electric car has now become a reality. In late September, Dyson announced its plans to build an electric vehicle, placing Tesla square in its crosshairs.

$3.4 million in financing has already been reserved towards artificial intelligence research, with an additional $234 million in government funds to finance production.

Industry veterans from Tesla and other EV companies have also jumped ship, with expertise bolstering product development, procurement, and communications.

Unite with Uniti

This Swedish startup is working to build a prototype of the L7e, an all-electric urban vehicle that saw a FundedByMe crowdfunding campaign raise close to $1.5M, with a second raising $16MM.

Its proposed four-seater is a monster, constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber and biomaterials with a 15-minute 80 percent charge, a solar roof, a 3.5 second 0-to-50 time, and a steer-by-wire steering system replacing the traditional steering wheel.

However, its biggest draw is its relative, expected affordability at $23,000.

All-Out Blitz EV with the NIO EP9


Arguably the biggest chart-topper on this list is the Chinese startup NIO, and its proposed plans to bring the EP9, the world's fastest electric car, to production.

Its specifications are borderline tyrannical, with specs unbeknownst to electric vehicles until now. 1,360-horsepower, breakneck 7.1-second 0 to 124-mph speed, and a record-breaking 7:05.120 EV lap record at Nurburgring should make this one of the most anticipated EVs of all time.