3 of the Best James Bond Cars

James Bond gets all the excitement, the action, the toys and tools, and the girls. But probably best of all, he gets some amazing cars.

Who's your favorite James Bond? Timothy Dalton? Roger Moore? Daniel Craig? We're really pulling for Idris Elba or Tom Hardy to take over the tux in the next series following Craig's last venture. But you know what we're really excited to see is which enviable, almost untouchable cars we'll see in upcoming installments.

James Bond cars are always sleek, sexy, gadget-friendly, and get the job done. We'll keep the 2008 Ford Edge out of the picture (Quantum of Solace), but that's neither here nor there. There are plenty of James Bond cars to pull from, but we've pointed out a quick few to be super jealous over.

Lotus Esprit Turbo
For Your Eyes Only (1981)

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Bond drives the burgandy Esprit Turbo in For Your Eyes Only to the snowy mountains in Northern Italy. The white version of this model showed up earlier in the film, but it was blown up. The filmmakers must have really wanted to push the Lotus, so they brought it back for Bond. It doesn't make a huge impact in the 007 canon, but its sleek and modern look and feel was emblematic of Moore's middle-aged grit as Bond.

Aston Martin DBS V12
Casino Royale (2006)


Casino Royale was a reboot of the James Bond series in many ways. The first of the James Bond books, this version introduced us to Bond as a gritty, grisly, emotionally charged bunt instrument capable of beating the crap out of anyone. The DBS V12 was, in a way, also a reboot of the original James Bond cars we saw in early film versions. A stripped-down version with limited gadgets and modest upgrades was the anti-Sean Connery James Bond, but it definitely fit the economic, straightforward incarnation of Daniel Craig.

Aston Martin DB5
Goldfinger (1964)


Okay, this one's a given, but it is the most regaled of the classic James Bond cars. Its iconic low-to-the-ground base is not ideal when handling bumpy roads and fast getaways, but 007 always seemed to make it work.

The DB5 is truly iconic and probably the most thought-about when James Bond cars come to mind. That ejector seat though? Classic. Appearing in Goldfinger, the DB5 has made re-appearances in Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

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