25+ Gift Ideas for the Deer Hunter with a Fall Birthday

If you are a deer hunter and lucky enough to be born in the fall, show your family and friends what you really want for your birthday this year.

It's no secret: People born in the fall who are deer hunters have one of the best birthdays of the year.

Mine is in December, so I get all the goodies after hunting season and have to wait a full year to use them. However, those born in October and November get lucky.

Here is an opportunity to show those who will be hooking you up with some birthday gifts just what it is you want this year.

If you are the gift giver and not the birthday boy or girl, there's no doubt we have something in your budget as well as something your deer hunter friend or family member wants and needs.

1. Rage 3-Blade Chisel Crossbow: $44.18 via Amazon

Crossbow hunting is all the rage these days. Be sure those celebrating their birthday in the fall get the right broadhead for the hunt.

This three-blade Chisel Crossbow broadhead from Rage packs a mean punch and will leave a blood trail like no other.

2. Cirrus Wind Indicator: $40.75 via Amazon

A great tool for not only checking the wind, but seeing thermals as well. Powders are often great for wind indication, but nothing is more visible to the slightest of breezes than vapor.

Cirrus Wind Indicators work off vapor technology and have over 1,000 puffs per cartridge. The deer hunter who has a birthday in the fall will thank you more than you know.

3. Cabela's Carnivore Meat Grinder: $399 via Cabela's

Let's face it, we hunt for meat and at the end of the day we love to cook our own wild game.

This will not only benefit the birthday boy or girl, but it will benefit their friends and families as well. Commercial grade meat grinders represent everything the hunter needs to begin processing their own deer for burgers, jerky, sausage and more.

Overall, they're a great way to save money rather than spending hundreds on processing your deer year after year. Buy this for a hunting birthday and then they can process their own deer for years. They are fast and strong, and because it's made by Cabela's, it's reliable.

4. Midland X-Talker T75VP3: $89.99 via MidlandUSA

Every good deer hunter owns a two-way radio, but only the serious deer hunters who hunt off the beaten path know the importance of a quality walkie talkie.

The hunter who gets the Mossy Oak® Break Up Country Camo pattern X-TALKER T75 GMRS two-way radio will never sacrifice communication. This handheld walkie talkie has up to a 38-mile range and features 36 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes, Channel Scan, and Midland's signature Weather Scan technology.

Communication is important and could be the difference in life or death. Don't waste your money on lesser quality two-way radios. The X-Talker T75VP3 is a favorite for deer hunters who travel where cell phone service doesn't.

5. Hi Mountain Snackin' Sticks Seasonings: $16.88 via Cabela's

Speaking of meat grinders, let's do something with all that meat. Hi Mountain Seasonings makes making jerky, sausage, and other wild game extremely easy.

Their kits provide everything you need, except for the meat, to begin making your own stuff in your own kitchen. Bringing home the bacon is half the fun, but making it with Hi Mountain Seasonings is the icing on the birthday cake.

6. Le Chameau Traqueur Rubber Boots: $219 via Le Chameau

If their birthday is October or November, now is the time deer hunters are making their mock scrapes and checking their trail cameras relentlessly. They will thank you after they own a pair of the extremely comfortable, lightweight, Le Chameau Traquer rubber boots.

These boots rock a little higher price tag than most, but that boils down to the fact that these are all handmade, versatile, and super comfortable.

These bad boys will get your deer hunter in and out of the woods without leaving a trace of scent, all while keeping their feet dry.

7. Rocky Claw Rubber Boots: $159 via Rocky Boots

When the temperatures drop and your hunter needs a rubber boot that can get them virtually anywhere, they need to get their hands, or feet, on a pair of these.

These boots are built on an aggressive and formidable outsole capable of handling all conditions and while providing you with superior comfort and control. Waterproof with over 1,200 grams of Thinsulate™, your feet should never get cold in the cooler deer hunting weather.

The outsoles stand out in this boot, with their aggressive traction pattern, keeping you in control in all types of terrain.

8. Wind Pro Mock Scrape: $16.69 via Amazon

This is one of the longest lasting mock scrape blends on the market. Wind Pro Mock Scrape is fully synthetic, which means it's legal in all states.

If you picture a cat with catnip, this stuff is is just like that for deer. A few puffs and they will be going crazy. It's a great gift for the October birthday, as mock scrapes will be used prominently this time of year.

9. 5.11 Defender-Flex Jeans: $69 via 5.11 Tactical

I will bet you will not find a more comfortable pair of pants than these. These jeans look and feel like a classy, nice pair, but they have the comfort of sweat pants.

Hunters, specifically deer hunters, know the importance of comfort during long days. Planting food plots, doing yard work, or traveling to and from hunting grounds, you can't go wrong with these jeans.

10. 5.11 Endeavor Flannel Shirt: $79 via 5.11 Tactical

It's not just any flannel shirt. The 5.11 Endeavor shirt is a working man's shirt.

It's a soft flannel with double-weave, abrasion-resistant fabric. As a deer hunter, let's face it, we get ourselves in plenty of situations where we could use an abrasion-resistant fabric.

It also has pen guides on the chest pockets, a pocket on the chest for your cell phone or other necessities, and even though it looks like regular buttons, its actually snap buttons. 

It looks and feels great and is a great mid-weight shirt for those colder fall days outside of the deer stand.

11. Yeti Flip 18 Cooler: $299 via Cabela's

This is the perfect size cooler for those all day hunts. You go into your stand in the morning, come out for lunch and a drink, then head back in for the evening. Of course, when you shoot a deer you can come back to the truck, you'll want to grab a cold energy drink and begin tracking. After you find your deer, you bring it back to the truck and you have a couple cold ones for you and your buddy.

Yeti is the go-to brand when it comes to coolers, and though this one won't fit a deer, it is great for the necessities of both small trips and long trips.

Overall, the birthday boy or girl will be very happy with this gift this year.

12. Scent Crusher Room Clean: $149 via Cabela's

Serious deer hunters don't always smell the best. We work hard, sweat, and get through whatever it is we need to in order to be successful.

The Scent Crusher Room Clean uses Ozone to kill the bacteria that creates odor. Unlike Febreze, it doesn't cover up odors, it attacks the bacteria and destroys it.

If your deer hunter travels in an RV, camper or has a hunting cabin, this may be an ideal gift for them.

13. Tactacam 4.0: $315 via Amazon

tactacam gift idea deer hunter birthday camera


It's 2017, and we love our gadgets and gizmos. We love sharing our lives on social media and expressing our stories through video and photos.

The Tactacam 4.0 makes every hunter their own outdoor videographer and allows them to film their own hunts.

High end equipment is just too expensive and usually requires a cameraman to get the shot. The Tactacam 4.0 records in 2.7k HD, has a slow-motion option and attaches to your weapon for the perfect solo hunter set up.

14. onX Hunt Elite Subscription: $99 via onX Hunt

Access all 50 states with specific maps and premium features, which will allow you to find places to hunt across the country.

The Elite membership provides a hunter with public and private landowner information. Finding new hunting property has never been easier. A hunter with a fall birthday will be amazed a what a membership to OnX Hunt can do.

15. Gerber Vital Big Game Folder: $55 via Amazon

The Gerber Vital Big Game is a bit larger to provide additional leverage when using it on, you guessed it, big game.

This folding knife features Split Sec Tech™ which is one of the safest exchangeable blade systems available. The blades are extremely sharp and can be replaced safely in seconds.

This knife fits comfortably in the hand and has a slip resistant grip. It's sharp enough to filet a fish, but strong enough to carve out a moose. Who wouldn't love to open that present on their birthday?

16. MTN OPs Ignite: $49 via Amazon

For those all day sits, you will need an added boost to stay focused. MTN OPS Ignite is just the thing for the job.

Unlike the unhealthy energy drinks that usually end with a crash, MTN OPS Ignite is an all day, healthy energy supplement and focus tool.

The hunter with a birthday can bring it to the treestand with them, mix it with their water, and they will stay focused and decrease the chance of one of their hit list bucks sneaking past them undetected.

17. Tenzing TZ 3000: $299 via Cabela's

Whether you are heading out for a day or packing overnight, this pack is for you. Tenzing makes stuff that's versatile, strong, and extremely mobile.

This pack is a cross between your western style hunting pack and your eastern style treestand pack. It's perfect for the hunter who spends all day in the stand, goes deeper into the forest, and hunts harder than others. Know someone like that with a birthday coming up?

18. Costa Ocearch Fantail Sunglasses: $189 via Costa

You have probably heard someone raving about their pair of Costa sunglasses. They are a favorite to those who spend a great deal of time in the outdoors.

From hunters to fishermen, Costa sunglasses are one of the most comfortable you will find. It is the brand that boldly states "Outdoorsman," making this a gift your deer hunter friend or family member would love to see.

19. Nikon Monarch 7iVR Range Finder: $399 via Cabela's

The world's first stabilized range finder, Nikon's Monarch is no gimmick. It's a great tool for the hunter who archery hunts or gun hunts and needs to be certain of their distances.

The 7iVR has Incline/Decline (I/D) Technology, which will compensate for hills and changes in elevation, giving you 100% horizontal range accuracy.

The big selling point of this range finder, other than its accuracy and durability, is it's optical vibration reduction technology. This helps reduce vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movements while simultaneously aligning the viewed image with the activated laser beam.

20. Hunter Safety Harness with ElimiShield: $140 via Amazon

hunting deer birthday safety harness tree stand gift idea

Hunter Outdoor Communications

Let's face it, a lot of deer hunters are very bad with safety. It's a struggle sometimes, or perhaps we just get lazy.

That's why this Hunter Safety Harness makes a great gift, because often times, hunters will spend their money on something "fun" versus something life saving.

There has been an increase in the number of people falling from treestands over the years, several resulting in death. Be sure your deer hunter comes home after the hunt and get them hooked up with a safety harness.

21. Drury Outdoors - NEW Apparel: $14.99 via Drury Outdoors

Not only are they one of the most respected hunted teams in the industry, but The Drury Outdoors squad has just come out with some highly respectable new clothes as well.

With everything going on in the country today, this shirt is a great way to show your pride in both America and deer hunting. Comfortable and many new designs, if you want some gift someone cool clothes this season, be sure to check these out.

22. #DoePatrol T-Shirt: $15 via Top Pin Outdoors

Sometimes we just like hunting for the meat. If you know a hunter who's on a management mission or tasked with putting meat in the freezer, show everyone what kind of mission they are on with this shirt as a birthday gift.

The #DoePatrol shirt is a favorite for hunters throughout the entire season.

23. Full Range Hanging System: $24.99 via BossBuck

The Boss Buck is the best way to display your shoulder mount trophies. We spend all season trying to get the best decoration for the house, so why limit where a hunter with a birthday this fall can put their trophy?

Whether it's between two windows or the corner of a room, they can utilize every little bit of wall space to be able to hang their trophy wherever they want.

24. 10x Scentrex Scent-Control Silent Quest Insulated Parka: $150 via Cabela's

Today it can be hard to find a quality cold weather parka that won't cost a week's paycheck.
Serious hunters don't let cold weather keep them inside and now you can gift someone with that too. Waterproof, windproof, breathable, and sporting a quiet shell, this Parka is an affordable way to keep them warm come the winter months of hunting season.

25. 10x Scentrex Scent-Control Silent Quest Insulated Bibs: $127 via Amazon

silent quest bibs deer hunting birthday gift ideas

Silent Quest Bib

For every hunter that needs a good parka, they will need a quality pair of bibs. Scent control is all the rage these days, and so are these bibs feature Scentrex.

They are waterproof, breathable and work to control your scent. There are not too many places you can find a comfortable, warm pair of hunting bibs at such an affordable price.

26. SLXtreme Solar iPhone 7 Case: $149 via Mossy Oak

Your phone can be your lifeline when hunting. Using it as your GPS or as the only means of communication during an emergency situation means you'll be using up your battery.

Hunters can use the power of the sun to keep their phone charged while afield and never have to worry about a dead battery again if you give them this for their birthday.

Top that off with the extreme rugged and waterproof housing, and their phone will be nearly indestructible, something all deer hunters could use.

27. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp: $49 via Amazon

This is the headlamp made for outdoorsman. It's a deer hunter's headlamp for sure.

The Black Diamond Storm is completely waterproof, has a lock setting so it won't turn on in your pack by accident, and powers up to 350 lumens. There are options to use it as a spot light and a proximately light, allowing the hunter a powerful light for distance as well as close up for things such as examining a blood trail.

It also has RGB night vision lighting, which is great for sneaking in and out of the treestand without bothering the deer in the dark. It'll make a great birthday gift, we promise.

28. Decibullz Ear Protection: $25 via Amazon

Decibullz makes custom, moldable ear protection for all day comfort.
Designed to mold into your ear like a mouth guard, these ear protectors become a custom arsenal to your shooting equipment. The deer hunter who values his ears would love these awesome custom ear plugs.

29. Primos Double Bull Deluxe Blind: $269 via Amazon

The Cadillac of ground blinds is the Primos® Double Bull Double Wide Deluxe. This blind has an improved hub system, zipper-less doors, silent window slides, and weighs under 30 pounds.

It's large enough for multiple people at 77 inches wide. The blind is 70 inches tall with a 60-inch-by-60-inch floor. The fabric is designed to hold up through all types of weather and is complete with the silent entry and exit design. A hunter's dream blind, if you may.

30. Browning Dark Ops HD Pro Trail Camera: $169 via Amazon

The newest addition to the best-selling, smallest high-performance no-glow trail camera line in the hunting industry, the new model from Browning Trail Cameras is great.

Browning cameras have been a hunter's favorite for their reliability and quality. New for 2017 is the Browning Dark Ops HD Pro, and this trail camera is packed with a lot of great features.

It captures photos in 18MP and video in 1280 x 720 HD. Additionally, the camera has a fan favorite 1.5" display viewer, adjustable tree mount and has a long battery life with only needing six AA batteries.

31. Hatsan Riptor: $51.99 via Midway USA

The Hatsan Riptor CO2 Air Pistol is a semi-automatic repeater capable of firing steel BBs 380 fps or PolyPower BBs 480 fps.

The Hatsan Riptor has an all metal construction with a weaver accessory rail for mounting a light or laser sight. When your deer hunter is on his way to the treestand or is sick of the pesky little squirrels he encounters during a sit, this air pistol will be a perfect gift.

The Hatsan Riptor uses quiet energy barrel technology which includes a sound moderator for reduced down-range noise. That means you can shoot the air pistol quietly with less chance of scaring big game near by. 

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