21 inspiring photos of hunting dogs
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No One is More Loyal Than a Gun Dog: Here Are 20 Photos (and 1 Video) to Prove It

Nothing gets between a hunter and a hunting dog. To pay homage to our four-footed hunting buddies, we've collected 21 inspiring photos of hunting dogs you need to see.

Whether we use them for running, flushing, treeing, retrieving, or just as a buddy along for the ride, a gun dog becomes a hunter's best and most trusted friend.

In honor of those dogs and the bond that we have with them, check out these 21 inspiring photos of hunting dogs.

1. A good hunting dog is ready for sunrise just as much as his master is.

2. Just like we do, our hunting dogs give each hunt their all.

3. This little reminder that it takes all kinds.

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4. Hunting dogs care about success, not about the weather.

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5. Hunting dogs are always ready to find the next bird.

6. Good ones take pride in your accomplishments.

7. And look amazing no matter where in the world they go.

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8. You can always tell when they really feel at home by that look in their eyes.

9. They enjoy getting camo'd up for the hunt just as much as you do.

10. They will stick by you no matter how rough things get.

11. They don't mind getting their paws dirty (really, they can't wait to).

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12. If you're lucky, they'll even help carry the gear.

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13. Or at least guard it for you when you get tired.

14. They have a way of always looking out for you.

15. But they know how to relax and unwind when the time's right.

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16. They like trophy pics as much as you do.

17. But are also up for action shots.

18. They clearly have a lot of hunting wisdom.

19. And are always up for a bit of fun training.

20. At the end of the day, you can trust them like you trust your 12-gauge.

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21. And they are just as faithful as a brother.

What is your favorite memory with your hunting dog?

Hopefully these pictures have both inspired you to get out in the woods with your hunting dog and to take your camera with you in the progress.

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