2020 Ford Bronco Concept Created By a Fan is Incredible

Check out these photos of the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco concept from a fan.

The Ford Bronco has always been a favorite country vehicle. Since its release in 1966, country boys and girls have torn through many a mud pit in jacked-up Broncos. Unfortunately, production of the vehicle stopped in 1996.

However, there are rumors flying around that Ford plans to bring back the iconic vehicle in 2020. Ford hasn't released any official concept designs yet, leaving the wickedly talented folks at the Bronco fan site Bronco6G.com to put their imaginations to work. Here's their incredible 2020 Bronco concept design.

Their design is a slick update on the rugged two-door 4?—4 vehicle.

"We fused styling elements from previous Bronco generations, the 2004 Bronco concept, and modern Ford trucks and SUVs," the site's administrator wrote. "You can see the classic round headlights and square inset front grille evolved from the 1st gen Bronco, which was also showcased in the retro-futuristic 2004 Bronco concept."

How many of y'all would love to go muddin' in that?

Ford isn't the only company that is rumored to be reviving one of their old classics. Jeep has plans to release a Wrangler-hybrid pickup truck in 2017, which will be the first time the company has released a pickup truck since 1992.