2018 American-Made Index: Cars.com Unveils Top 10 "Most American Cars"

2018 American-Made Index: Cars.com Unveils Top 10 "Most American Cars"

Cars.com has released its findings for the "most American car" as part of its all-new 2018 American-Made Index.

According to the Cars.com 2018 American-Made Index, the Jeep Cherokee based out of Belvedere, Illinois, tops the list. Rounding out the top five are the Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, Ford Taurus (may it rest in peace in North America) and the Chevrolet Volt, hailing from Lincoln, Alabama, Chicago, and Detroit, respectively.

Its scoring criteria is based on several indicators, including the percentage of domestic-parts content, U.S.-sourced engines and factory jobs, with priority given to U.S.-based locations.

Down the list, the 2018 American-made Index label was lightly shed, in part, due to foreign batteries. See the video below for a better breakdown:

Per the latest research, 53 percent of passenger-vehicle sales in the U.S. through Q1 2018 were American-made. In a 1,000-plus driver survey, 83 percent cited assembly location as "an important factory in determining economic impact" with more than 7-in-10 claiming purchase decisions went beyond assessing economic impact.

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