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2017 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Predictions

How will the 2017 whitetail rut be?  

When should I deer hunt this season? When is the rut going to happen? When should I schedule off work? All of those questions can be a little challenging to tackle without any strategic planning. Thankfully, there are deer hunters who have documented loads of data and have practiced theories for decades.

For this 2017 rut forecast and prediction, watch Jeff Sturgis break down his predictions.

Many could argue, any day is a good day to deer hunt. However, the video makes strong assertions that some days are more productive and it could be heavily influenced by weather change.

Here is the rut formula that was discussed in the video from Whitetail Habitat Solutions:

1. Calm Days before the front/Poor Value Days: 2days=1 point, 3days=3 pts, 4days=8 pts, 5days=10 pts

2. Temp Change (pre-post front): +2 Points for every temp drop up to 20 degrees(2-4pts)

3. Top Wind Speed During Front: 1-10=1point,11-15=5pts,16-20=7pts,20+=10pts(1-10 pts)

4. Extreme Conditions During Front: +2 each for extreme rain, wind (25+mph) snow, sleet, and thunder(0-10 pts)

5. Wind Speed Post Front: 0-10mph=5 pts, 11-15=3 pts, 16-20=1 point(1-5 pts)

6. Value For Each Day After Front: Day 1=Full Value, Day 2x.67, Day 3x.33

7. Moon Phase: +5 for Full Moon late morning sits, -5 for Full Moon Evening sits +5 for dark moon evening sits (+/-5 pts)

Remember, it's best to hunt days that accumulate to four or more points, according to this scoring system. The higher the points the better.

Get ready to start watching the forecast and looking at historical weather data!

Is this formula something you'll try this year?


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2017 Whitetail Rut Forecast and Predictions