200-Inch Buck
YouTube: The Lindsey Way

Hunter Draws 200-Inch Iowa Buck in For the Shot With a Snort Wheeze

We can't blame this hunter for being nervous about this buck!

November is a magical time of year for deer hunters. There is a good reason we spend all season preparing for this one month. Because this is where the peak of the rut usually occurs. For many hunters, this is our one chance to catch a big buck off guard as he throws caution to the wind in search of hot does.

Or, they may also make a mistake when they believe they need to defend their turf from an intruder. In this hunt from The Lindsey Way, it's a lot of flowing testosterone that ends up being the downfall for this Iowa giant scoring over 200 inches.

David Lindsey is hunting for a specific buck they have history with. They've appropriately named him "Dynamite," which will make sense when you see this stud of a deer. This is November rut action at its finest.

It appears the two smaller bucks fighting and making a commotion are what drew Dynamite onto the scene in the first place. Having that happen is better than clashing a set of rattling antlers together on your own, that's for sure! The big buck just had to investigate what was going on. That's when David hit him with some aggressive grunts.

Even then, the buck wasn't totally committed. That was, until he hit the snort wheeze call. After that, the big boy came in on a string to provide a shot. Calling can be extremely effective for whitetails in the rut given the right timing and an area with a healthy buck-to-doe ratio with competition between bucks for mates.

David hit this buck a little far back, but we cannot blame him for being a little nervous. Any hunter who says they wouldn't be with a buck like this under the stand is lying. At least the shot was a pass through and they were able to successfully recover the animal. That's the important thing. Congrats to David on a giant of a whitetail!

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