nature is metal

20 Photos That Prove Nature IS Metal

If you don't believe nature can be brutal, just take a look at these photos.

Everyone should take a look at the Instagram account natureismetal. Not only does this account have somewhat of the "Planet Earth" effect, but seeing nature's ability to be unforgiving in still shots is something special.

Not only do these photos evoke raw reactions, but they remind us of a valuable truth.

Nature isn't always pretty. Take a look at these 20 photos that are all certainly "metal."

1. You got a little somethin' on your face.

2. Teamwork

3. Airborne

4. Shedding a tackle

5. The circle of life

6. This one's mine.

7. Biting off more than you can chew

8. Mouthing off

9. Packing a lunch

10. Jackal on the move

11. Pearly whites

12. Pool party

13. Snack time

14. Just keep swimming.

15. Up close and personal

16. You probably didn't know a stray cat could hunt, did you?

17. You can't have any!

18. I think I ate too much.

19. Stuffy nose

20. Who needs table manners?

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Regrann from @darylbalfourwildphotos - Feast of the Fishing Bears. A North American brown bear, aka coastal brown bear or grizzly bear, playing with his food like a naughty kid during the bears' time of plenty, the annual spawning season when rivers are flush with salmon returning to the headwaters of the rivers in which they hatched years before. It's an opportunity for the bears to gorge on the fatty roe (eggs) and flesh of these nutritious fish before the onset of winter and their long months of hibernation and fasting. During this time of plentiful food the bears seem totally focused on the salmon & uninterested in their human observers, allowing close approaches by photographers for images such as this.

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