1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Sells for World Record $70 Million

Ferrari has set a world record for the most expensive vehicle ever sold, hitting $70 million for the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.

With only 39 production vehicles ever built, with the last one sold for $38 million at a Bonham's auction, the vehicle was sold to American business executive by German collector Christian Glaesel to David MacNeil, the CEO of Weathertech, a manufacturer of car accessories.

Watch the video below (of a '64 Ferrari) to understand just how a 1963 Ferrari could indeed be so coveted. It's beautiful!

He owns an impressive car collection and his son, Cooper Macneil, will be participating in the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans race behind a Ferrari 488 GTE.

The 250 GTO's vaunted history includes a fourth-place finish at the 1963 Ole Mans and a first-place finish at the Tour de France, all while never ending up in a crash.

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