15 Adorable Dogs Caught Mid-Yawn, And It's Just Too Much

These dogs were caught yawning and we can't handle the cuteness.

As if they weren't already cute enough, dogs do that yawning thing that makes us swoon even more.

Check out this montage of yawning canines. But prepare yourself, because its just too much!

Because cubbies are comfortable.

Because you like to start your mornings right.

Because there's one in every group.

Because car rides are rough.

Because that sun hit you just right.

Because being a fluffy pup in a bowl wasn't enough.

Because you're DTC... down to cuddle.

Because they won't listen to you so this is how you get their attention.

Because you're done walking for today.

Because you're trying to get human to snuggle instead of read a book.

Because every day is #TongueOutTuesday.

Because your bedtime was nine minutes ago.


Because you like to show off the inner workings of your mouth.

Because you're tired of babysitting your brother.

Because you're synchronized in everything you do.

That was a lot of cuteness to take in. If you're ready for more cuteness, snap a photo of your yawning pooch and tag us #wideopenpets on social media.

Do you know why dogs yawn when they're excited? Tell us your guesses in the comments below!

This article was originally published February 24, 2017. Let's be honest: Puppy yawns never go out of style.

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