16-Year-Old Hunter Catches Rare Cougars on Camera

Two cougars spotted together in Minnesota for the first time ever.

A 16-year-old deer hunter in Minnesota recently had a day he won't soon forget. Jordan Bowen was zeroing his rifle on a deer that had just walked out of some tall grasses. It was at that moment that a cougar lunged at the deer.

The deer quickly escaped, but not before giving Bowen an unexpected show. Bowen was sitting in a treestand at the time. The cougar, or mountain lion, quickly scaled a tree approximately 40 yards from where Bowen sat.

"It was about 40 feet up almost immediately, I couldn't believe it," he told the Pioneer Press.

Bowen was tempted to shoot the animal with his rifle instead began shooting with his camera phone. Unless in life-threatening danger, it is illegal to kill mountain lions in Minnesota. Bowen was able to snap a few pictures before the animal descended the tree. It was at that time that things got even more interesting.

A second mountain lion appeared and got into an altercation with the first. According to Bowen, the two cougars began fighting and chasing each other before one of them ran off.

Snarls from the two animals were loud enough that Bowen's siblings reported hearing the sounds from almost 750 yards away. The altercation could be the first time in Minnesota history when two cougars were spotted together. Bowen was able to capture a rough video in which the snarls can be heard. See the video here:

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