15 Jaw-Dropping Equestrian Estates That You'll Want to Move Into

These equestrian estates are a little bit of paradise, and a whole lot of jaw-dropping stables and luxurious training facilities.

Is there anything better than a stunning horse stable? Well, yes - a complete equestrian estate, perhaps. Equestrian estates can encompass everything from a house to rolling fields to state-of-the-art competition and training facilities. Some have equine treadmills, and some have pools or ponds. Some of the stables are absolutely massive, and some of these estates are so perfectly manicured they almost don't look real.

But they all have one thing in common: They're stunning. And we want to move in right now, please.

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1. Palm trees right in the jumping arena! 


2. Just perfect.


3. Simply extraordinary, and right in Florida.

4. Now here's how you make a great first impression! 

5. Yeah, we could make it work.


6. Just look at the size of that ring!

7. Elegant. Beautiful. When do we move in?


8. What a stunning barn!

8. Yes please! 

9. Fields. And fields. And fields.

Not only do these equestrian estates have plenty of room for dozens of horses, but the houses are also huge! So go ahead, gather up about a dozen of your closest horse friends, and sweep one of these beauties up!

If you put all your piggie banks together maybe you can make the down payment...

Which of the above estates is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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