15 Grumpy Cats That Are Just Like 'Ok, Human, Whatever'

There's more than just one Grumpy Cat in the world, and here's proof.

It's something about that face. That furry, feline face that just looks so disapproving about whatever their human is doing at that particular moment in time.

Grumpy cats abound in the pet world, and we're pretty happy about it. (And so are these cats, even if they don't look like it.)

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The old married couple, 'nuff said. 

The fluffer with a perpetual case of the Mondays.


The cat who is watching you, always watching you.

The meow-meow who is so not a morning person.


The feline who just wanted to watch "Game of Thrones" in peace.


The cat who is so not into this new 'do.

The furball whose patience is wearing thin because how many times did he ask you to turn that light off, Phyllis?

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The grandpa who will stare you down until you give him his chair.

The cat who is really disappointed you didn't adhere to the "no pictures, please" request.

The Ross Geller who says he is fine but really he's not.


The cat who is ready for today (and every day) to just be over already.

The girlfriend who will not ask you again, Jason.

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The mom who is tired of all that racket.

The husband who hears the wife nagging... again.

That one person who hates the sunshine.


How enthused were those felines?

We love cats for all of their crazy antics, including their grumpiness.

Got a picture of a grumpy cat to share? Leave it in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets.

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