15 Problems Every Dressage Rider Will Recognize

Ride dressage? Then chances are that you're going to recognize - and laugh at - these 15 all-too-common dressage problems.

When you ride horses, it's inevitable that you're going to encounter challenges. In fact, dealing with problems is something that equestrians learn to do quite well. We have to be creative in how we cope with obstacles and equestrian problems. But when you ride dressage, the challenges you face are a little bit different. These dressage problems often become part of everyday life - and we can all identify with them.

Take a look at these 15 dressage problems that any dressage rider has probably encountered. How many of these problems have you had to overcome?

1. New dress boots. Oh, the pain. 


2. Laundry. Laundry. And more laundry. 


3. Memorizing your test. 

4. And then forgetting them almost immediately. 


5. When it's time to retire your favorite breeches. 

6. Horse-eating monsters just outside of the arena. 

7. Thumbs up. 

8. Those fun moments when your horse forgets his training...


9. And you forget the test. Again. 


10. Those tests that go like this one. 

11. The harsh reality. 


12. And moments like this one. 

13. The joys of white breeches. 


14. The joys of white everything. 


15. And then? The cost of it all. 

Sure, dressage comes with its challenges, but there's nothing better than riding a great dressage test or having a rewarding lesson with your horse. We wouldn't trade it for anything.

Which of these dressage problems have you encountered? Are there other problems not mentioned here? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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