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Jase Robertson Releases to Share Your Hunts with the World

Do you like watching hunting videos and sharing your own? Has Youtube got you down? Jase Robertson has heard you loud and clear. has been born.

Jase Robertson wants you to share your hunting videos with the outdoor community, free from negativity and censorship.

He has made that easier by starting his own website. Here are a few words from the site's "About" page:

Would you rather spend your time hunting, fishing, hiking, or doing anything that involves the great outdoors? Do you like to take video to have records of all the amazing things that  happen in the wide world of nature? If so, Camoflix is for you! We are a video sharing and storage website specializing in outdoor sports. If you want to share your adventures with everyone on the worldwide web... we can do that! If you only want to share with certain friends who properly appreciate your talents... we can do that too! If you're looking for videos of specific outdoor events (deer hunting, bass fishing, extreme mountain hiking, turkey calling...etc) you've come to the right place; our site is home to hundreds of public videos that will fit your interest!

CamoFlix is an all new website that allows you to share your own hunting videos with the world. Share that big buck harvest of a lifetime. Watch others share their videos of the hunt and get ready for hunting season.

Jase, we have been waiting for a video sharing website for hunters. Thank you for making it all happen.


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Jase Robertson Releases to Share Your Hunts with the World