This Guy Cuts His Crossbow String at Full Draw… Intentionally!

A crossbow string at full draw is snapped in this awesome video!

Dan Wallace has been known to abuse his Excalibur Crossbows by running them over in trucks, dragging them behind 4 wheelers and even tossing them out of helicopters.

This time he decides to cut the string at full draw, something you should NEVER attempt! But this demonstration, more than most of his Destruction Challenges, probably hits home the hardest.

Watch Dan cut and fix this Excalibur crossbow in a matter of minutes. This video should make you reconsider what you want to carry deep into your hunt this year.

If you accidentally cut a string on your crossbow, you could miss an entire hunting season, especially if you're talking about a compound crossbow. The brute force unleashed is terrifying.

Usually cams get bent, but at the least you almost always lose a key bolt, pin, or other component holding all of that energy together. It might be weeks for replacement parts, plus labor to get it back in action.

Think a broken string is rare? Think again. Little John works at one of the largest crossbow dealers in the country, A-1 Archery in Wisconsin, and he said "We see dozens of crossbows with broken strings each year around this time. Most require extra replacement parts, especially the compound crossbows."

Your crossbow can be put out of commission numerous ways: dry-firing the bow, nicking the string with a broadhead, not seating the arrow nock properly against the string and pulling the trigger, plus there's always good old fashioned wear and tear. All the above will leave you walking out of the woods hoping you can find all the random parts that just flew off your bow.

Excalibur boasts recurve technology that isn't just tough, but it's simple, too. You can carry a spare string and stringing aid (both are under eight ounces combined), which keeps you in the woods if the "you know what" hits the fan.