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Watch a Crossbow Meet the Destruction Challenge

Excalibur launches The Crossbow Destruction Challenge to demonstrate industry leading durability.

Excalibur Crossbow, the world’s most trusted crossbow brand, will prove that claim with the Crossbow Destruction Challenge video series, launched to illustrate the incredible durability of the brand’s crossbows through a series of torture tests.

The 10-part video series is featured on a dedicated Excalibur Crossbow landing page, and through its social media accounts. The Crossbow Destruction Challenge landing page will feature authentic product testimonials from Excalibur customers and an entry form for a chance to win a brand new Excalibur Micro 355.

“Excalibur Crossbow has set the standard for durability for more than 30 years, and our customers demand a product that is reliable in the field,” said Ryan Hawkins, Product Marketing Manager for Excalibur. “What better way to reinforce this message than to put the Excalibur’s through a series of torture tests to see if they will function properly and accurately.

Dan Wallace of Huntin’ the Backwoods TV joins Excalibur in the Destruction Challenge video series. The experienced crossbow hunter has seen many crossbow brands fail or cause safety issues in the field. With more than 15 years of crossbow experience, he knows which brand is the most reliable on the market today. In order for the crossbow to pass each test, the crossbow had to be fully functional and accurately shoot an arrow.

Dan Wallace

“You won’t see this kind of campaign from other crossbow companies for one good reason: there bows would fail,” Wallace said. “With the Destruction Challenge, we put these Excalibur crossbows through some significant stress to see how they would perform. If these bows could withstand the torture we put them through, then anything that would happen in the course of normal, careful operation would be a walk in the park.”

Watch the Destruction Challenge. You have to see it to believe it.


Tell us your crossbow tough testimony. Did your crossbow survive the bumps and grinds of last year’s hunting season? Excalibur wants to hear! Write some words, add a photo or video and submit for the chance to win a Micro 355! bottombutton

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Watch a Crossbow Meet the Destruction Challenge