Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

13-Pound Bass Landed in Texas' Twin Buttes Reservoir

Did Texas really just produce another 13-pound bass?

The big bass are biting in Texas! If you need more proof of that, just check out this 13.4-pound largemouth bass that came out of Twin Buttes Reservoir near San Angelo.

This is the third bass over 13 pounds to come out of the Lone Star state in the last couple weeks. Two other monsters came out of Lake Fork earlier this month.

The lucky angler this time is Austin Terry. He caught this monster 25.75-inch bass on a half-ounce spinnerbait March 14. The pot-bellied bass was hanging out in four feet of water, according to a press release from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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Just like the other two recently caught lunkers, Terry's bass has been entered into the Toyota ShareLunker breeding program as a Legacy Class Lunker.

"Lake Fork has been whipping everybody this year with Legacy Class entries," said TPWD Senior Fisheries Technician John Ingle in the press release. "So we are pretty excited for a lake in our (San Angelo) district to produce the first 13 pound or larger ShareLunker entry outside of Lake Fork. We know these fish are out there but the anglers just have to catch them."

Indeed, this bass is the first of this size in 28 years to come from the reservoir. Terry will get a free replica of his bass and an entry into a drawing to win a $5,000 shopping spree for his donation.

Texas anglers still have a chance to participate in the Share Lunker program, but don't procrastinate too long. The deadline for entering a qualifying fish is March 31.