20 Baby Pygmy Goats That Will Melt Any Cold Heart

Need your daily dose of cute animals? These baby pygmy goats are here to deliver, and if they don't make you smile, then your heart is frozen. Thanks to their small size and adorable antics, pygmy goats are some of the cutest animals that you'll find on the farm. Pygmies make great pet goats, and they're also sometimes used as companion animals for other animals, like horses.

If you ever have a chance to go watch these goats in person, you should definitely do it for the entertainment factor alone. Until then, let these 20 pictures give you a sense of how adorable these goats can be. Let's see if these 20 pygmy goats start to melt that cold, cold heart.

1. Boop!

2. "Nah, nah, nah. We are cute baby goats."

3. Tiny but mighty!

4. Sassy Foot

5. Companion Pygmy Goat Kids


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6. Lap Pygmy

7. Confidence is key.

8. Pygmy Besties

9. Wary Pygmy

10. Pygmies get you. 

11. Picture of innocence. 

12. Bucking Bronco Pygmy

13. Fluffy Buckling!

14. Someone's all smiles! 

15. This little goat is all ready for Halloween

16. Ready for winter?

17. Baby pygmy goat selfie

18. Babies are always down for snuggles

19. What a face! 

20. Talk about adorable


How many times did you say, "That is way cute"?

Oh, 20 times?

Well, good. That means you have a heart.

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