Baby Goat Realizes Trampolines Are Way Too Much Fun

Don't kid yourself, you like watching silly baby goats as much as the next person.

If you try to say you've never come across a plethora of baby goat videos online and thoroughly enjoyed yourself, you're probably lying. Because if you've ever seen baby goats, you know how adorable they are and how they instantly boost your mood.

So, without further hesitation, here are 13 funny videos of baby goats to make you smile yourself silly.

13. Babies in Pajamas

Because it doesn't get cuter than happy little babies hopping around before bedtime.

12. Chihuahua Puppy + Goat Kids = Adorable

As it turns out, the only thing cuter than baby goats is other baby animals with baby goats. This Chihuahua puppy for example.

11. Energy, energy, energy.

This little fella has energy to spare, as most funny kids do.

10. "Mom, not now, I'm busy!"

And again with the excessive energy. Kids gotta play!

9. Vocal much?

This little one is new to the world and has a lot to say!

8. Little Nibblers

Oh, the joys of couches. And nibbling on pillows.

7. Yoga Goat!

Or this video of a woman doing yoga with her baby goat.

6. Puppies + Goat Kids = More Adorable

The cuteness of puppies and baby goats once again prevails.

5. Newborn Bouncy Babies

These newborn pygmy goats are happy to be alive!

4. Normal flops.

Just doing what baby goats do!

3. ??!!

Who is that and why is she in my house?!

2. Goats in Sweaterssss

This video of a little baby goat wearing sweaters will have you feeling all the feels.

1. Annoying can be cute. 

"Mom, please play with me!

Those 13 goat videos were definitely a good use of your time. You know, cute videos actually help production and motivation in your daily life. You can tell that to your boss if they are looking over your shoulder...

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This article was originally published April 24, 2017.

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