Bovine Fun: 12 Cow Puns That Will Really Moove You

Ever stop to think about how much cow talk is in everyday English? Probably not. So, we've done it for you. Moove over, traditional jokes. These puns will make any conversation a whole lot more fun.

Here are 12 cheesy (oh yes, pun totally intended) cow puns you can regale your friends with. They might never forgive you.

1. I get what you were going for...

But you totally butchered that joke.

2. I don't normally eat big meals.

I'm more of a grazer.

3. Don't mess this up.

The steaks are high.


4. That excuse you gave was a bunch of bull.

5. If you give her any attitude...

She'll tan your hide.

6. Don't act rashly.

Take stock of the situation first.


7. Make sure you show up on time.

If you get there late, she'll have a cow.

8. Seriously, have I ever steered you wrong?

9. It's nearly impossible to hurt his feelings.

He has leather skin.

10. Got some leverage?

Milk it for all it's worth.


11. I have some real beef with him.  

12. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You need to grab it by the horns.

Think you've heard some of these puns before? You might have a case of deja moo.

It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. But one day, you'll find yourself in a conversation with the perfect opening for one of these bad puns. And, holy cow, when you do, let 'er rip.

Rest assured, it will be udderly satisfying.

Do you have any funny cow puns to add? Tell us in the Facebook comments below!

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