12 Amazing Shed Antler Decorations for the Ladies

Ladies... your man have a shed hunting problem? Do you just like antlers in general? Use these decorative ideas for your home.

Shed hunting and antler idea articles are often focused primarily to men. But what about you ladies!? This article will hopefully help all types of women out there and maybe even benefit some men.

The ladies usually fall into two categories on this topic. Either your husband has a shed antler addiction and you get tired of seeing them stacked in corners collecting dust and wasting space, or you thoroughly like finding sheds also and want ways to decorate your home with them.

Hopefully these ideas can help both of you groups of ladies. And men...well maybe they like them so much that they want you to go find more! So, it is a win-win for both parties. That is until they start painting and bedazzling them fellas, and if this article leads them down that road, I apologize in advance.

And a bit of advice to the women: if your man is anything like me, he likes his sheds. So you might want to get approval before you start painting, drilling holes, or bedazzling anything...

Check out these 12 cool and neat shed antler ideas to please the ladies.

1. Jewelry Stand

2. Towel Hanger

3. Candle Holder

4. Holiday Special

5. A Little Decorative Spice

6. Another Cool Jewelry Idea

7. Paint Job

8. Artistic Flair

9. Sweet and Simple

10. Bedazzled Buck (Sorry, Fellas)

11. Festive Fall Decor

12. Sheds Last Longer Than Flowers

Think outside the box

Hopefully, these ideas are something you might like, or, at least, others' creative ideas might have sparked a different idea you'd like to try.

For the ladies who like finding sheds, it can make for some cool projects. For the ladies who argue with the men who bring them in the house, it this could be a way to meet in the middle and have some cool new decor for the rustic look you've been trying to achieve.

Happy wife, happy life... right, men?

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