Best First Aid Kits

11 of the Best First Aid Kits on the Market for Peace of Mind

These are some of the best first aid kits on the market according to online reviews.

In case you were living under a rock, the world has gone a bit crazy right now with coronavirus concerns. While the odds of a world-changing, apocalyptic pandemic are low, this is a good time to be thinking about your emergency kit. It never hurts to be prepared.

Some of the most important things to include in any survival kit are some high-quality medical supplies. Having a good kit on hand is a good idea not just for natural disasters or disease outbreaks, but for your backpacking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor adventures too. Because sometimes, a first responder may be miles out when you're deep in the backcountry.

With that in mind, we scoured the web to find the best first aid kits on the market based on online reviews. These kits cover a variety of situations and could potentially save the life of you or someone you know.

Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit

This smaller kit is simple, ultralight and to the point. It's a good option for anyone taking part in light outdoor activities or if you just want to have an extra kit on hand in your vehicle. I like to keep two kits in my vehicle for just this purpose. The Equate kit contains 140 pieces and includes items for minor burns, cuts and scratches. There's plenty of band-aids and gauze pads here to deal with common injuries that aren't life threatening. This is a good option for hikers doing a day hike where the biggest injuries you might encounter are splinters and blisters. It carries over 100 five-star reviews on Walmart's website and only costs $10.

Be Smart Get Prepared 250-Piece Outdoor Kit

This kit is handy for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures because besides basic first aid supplies, it has some outdoor-specific items. This kit includes things like poison ivy wipes and insect bite and sting treatments. We also like the inclusion of Asprin and non-Asprin tablets. They even included some antacid tablets and antiseptic towlettes with this one. Of course, it has the usual band-aids and moleskin bandages too. In another nice touch, the plastic case glows in the dark to make it easier to locate when you need it. This would be a good one to toss in your truck or camper for minor emergency situations. It comes at a nice price point of just $25.

First Aid Only Wall-Mounted Kit

This OSHA-compliant kit is made for businesses and work sites. It would also be a fine addition to a general disaster prep kit for your home too. It comes with plenty of adhesive bandages, medical tape and gauze. However, it also includes useful items like tweezers, gloves, a trauma pad and antibiotic ointments. A handy first aid guide will help guide you thorough minor medical emergencies. The metal case can be mounted on a wall in an out-of-the-way place, but still handy for when you need it.

First Aid Only All-Purpose Kit Medium

This is the kit I keep in my Jeep and it has bailed me out several times for minor cuts, insect stings and even a headache a time or two with the included Asprin and non-Asprin tablets. The kit includes two trauma pads, gauze dressing, a cold compress, vinyl gloves, alcohol cleansing pads and a finger splint. The company even included a cold compact, butterfly wound closers and an emergency blanket with this kit. You get a lot for your money at only $30 and it's compact enough to store in a car, boat or other small space.

Johnson & Johnson All Purpose Compact

Another small option great for camping or vehicles where you just want to have the basics on hand. This 140-piece kit includes first aid items like band-aids, gauze and medicated cold packs. However, it also includes pain relief creams, cleansing wipes, antibiotic cream and Benadryl anti-itch creams. This is a highly-rated kit by reviewers and comes at an excellent price point. There's really no excuse to not have a kit like this on hand when you're enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Cabela's Essentials Adventure Medical Kits


For anyone looking for a wilderness-specific first aid kit, this one by Adventure Medical is a good option. This one has the usual bandages, gauze and medications found in these other kits. The real selling point here is the inclusion of a rescue whistle, firestarters and other other survival supplies. Someone understood the importance of making a kit that can withstand the elements. This kit is packaged in waterproof dry bags. This kit could offer major life-saving capabilities for an affordable $50 price tag.

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

This kit includes a whopping 348 pieces in a double-sided hard case. It's one of the top-reviewed kits on Amazon right now. You get literally hundreds of bandages and dozens of gauze pads. This kit also includes things like ice packs, sting relief pads, cotton swabs, a CPR mask, gloves and trauma shears. Swiss Safe even included an emergency blanket and a glow stick for visibility. While it is missing some minor medications like Asprin, it would be easy to add them. You're getting a lot for $48.95 and a nice kit to keep it all organized to boot.

M2 Basics 300 Piece First Aid Kit

This kit has 86 percent five-star customer reviews on Amazon over 2,100 reviews. It isn't often you see a product that highly rated. It has hundreds of bandages in standard sizes. It includes knuckle, knee and elbow bandages. For more serious medical emergencies, an abdominal trauma pad, tourniquet and CPR face mask are also included. There's also a compass, emergency blanket, whistle and carabiner for anyone venturing into the back country. This kit doesn't include basic medications like Asprin, but it is simple enough to add those yourself. The price is an affordable $28.

Lightning X Extra Large EMT Trauma Bag

This kit is expensive at $240, but it also has medical gear you can't get with any other kit. This targeted more towards those with EMT training, but it's not a bad idea for anyone to have at home in case of a serious emergency. It includes oxygen masks, trauma dressing, a CPR carrier mask, a Berman airway kit, a stethoscope, BP cuff and even a c-collar. This type of kit isn't for everyone. In extreme scenarios however, it could literally be a life saver.

Grullin Survival First Aid Kit

This kit includes a heavy-duty 1000 denier bag and is perfect for deep backcountry adventures. This one doesn't have as many pieces as other kits, but reviews rave about the top-notch quality. This kit includes trauma items like a CAT tourniquet, CPR mask and trauma scissors. It also includes a survival whistle, emergency mylar blanket and alcohol pads. This is a light pack we think is best suited for a backcountry hunting trip or as something to throw in your glove compartment of your work truck.

VSSL First Aid - LED Flashlight

This kit from VSSL brings a ton of versatility to the table. It contains an assortment of bandages, a Celox hemostatic agent to help stop bleeding, antibiotic burn cream and more. This is a great option for backpackers, bush pilots or for someone that wants a little bit of everything in their kit. It also contains an emergency whistle, safety pins, tweezers and even a compass. The cool thing here is that the whole kit fits inside a military-grade aluminum body and is topped off with a 200-lumen waterproof LED light. It has a setting to signal SOS and can run for up to 40 hours. We like the ingenuity in combining two helpful products into one here.

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