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Could 1,000 Turkeys Really Be Roosted in One Spot?

If you walked out of this hunt without a turkey down, you may need to take up another hobby.

Knowing where a big tom is roosted always helps your chances on getting a bird on morning hunts. It allows you to get close and strategize based on where he might go. Getting close to a big group of roosted birds is a rush.

It's the thunderous gobbles, crisp clucking and the intense sound of wings flapping that gets us out of bed. And, the more birds, the better it is. When I say a big group of turkeys, though, you're probably thinking something like three toms and 10 hens at the most, right?

Try about 1,ooo birds on one roost. When I first saw this video promoted, I thought the 1,000 number was an over-exaggeration to get people to check it out, but I was wrong. You won't believe what you see in this video. The view and the sounds from this hunt are remarkable.

1000 turkeys to choose from: 1 hunter, 1 shot...2 kills.

See what a 1000 bird turkey roost sounds like - you will want to sound turned up for this one!

Posted by Prairie King Ranch, LLC on Friday, May 5, 2017

When the turkeys pitch from their roost to the ground, you know you're in the right spot. But this almost looks as if these guys are on a waterfowl hunt with ducks dumping into a spot.

The noise of the birds communicating once they hit the ground is almost deafening.


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Could 1,000 Turkeys Really Be Roosted in One Spot?