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A Young Elk on a Trampoline Will Brighten Anyone's Day

elk trampoline
YouTube: Greg Chase

While sitting down to his morning coffee, Chase noticed something bizarre going on in his backyard.

A young elk was stumbling around on his family's trampoline, while other elk were grazing the snowy ground nearby.

"We see a lot of crazy elk behavior here in Evergreen, Colorado, but this takes the cake," Chase said in the description.

The young elk quickly realized that getting off the trampoline was much harder than getting on.

In regards to Chase's wife's comments about shooting the elk, he said this:

"The only reason my wife suggested doing so was to keep it from suffering if it got too badly hurt due to the hole in the tramp. We recently watched in horror as a fox was strangled to death in our neighbor's soccer goal netting. My reaction to her comment gave her the reality check she needed as she was a bit over-reactive due to her sensitivity to its well being..."

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A Young Elk on a Trampoline Will Brighten Anyone's Day