Winter Hunting Hats
Bass Pro and Cabela's

Winter Hunting Hats: 10 Varieties for the Late Season

Here is some headwear that will keep you toasty while hunting!

Winter and cold weather are now here and if you haven't felt the need for a warm hunting hat already, chances are you will soon enough.

If you've already spent hundreds on hunting clothing like I have, it doesn't make a lot of sense to skimp on a hat too.

That's why today we've got suggestions on a variety of winter hats for different styles and situations from extensive hiking for elk to sitting in a blind calling in waterfowl.

Redhead Powercap 2.0

This beanie-style hat comes in a variety of different camo patterns, allowing you to match it up with your hunting clothing. It is also available in blaze orange for a little extra visibility during firearms season.

But the biggest selling point of this hat is the addition of 75 lumen headlamp woven right into the front. That should make it easy to locate your stand in the dark without fumbling for a flashlight.

Sitka Men's Dakota Beanie

We're sure you're already familiar with the Sitka name. Their hunting gear isn't cheap, but it is extremely high-quality stuff that you can depend on when conditions get rough. The Dakota has a water-repellent finish and a wind-stopping membrane for those especially chilly days. This hat has a ton of positive reviews on Cabela's website. Users praise this one for its warmth and extreme light weight.

Drake Waterfowl Shelter Mask

This hat/facemask combo features a fleece lining that is sure to keep your head and face warm in even the coldest conditions. It's also waterproof, making it perfect for waterfowl or hunting in other wet areas.

The Drake Waterfowl is available in two popular camo patterns, Mossy Oak Bottomlands and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, to keep you hidden from the prying eyes of wildlife.

Scentlok Carbon Alloy Beanie

Just because you're trying to stay warm does not mean you need to skimp on scent control. This hat has a microfleece lining to help keep your head and ears warm from the extreme cold. But it also features Scent-Lok's carbon alloy odor absorbing technology. This isn't your granddaddy's old knit stocking hat! This one has plenty of positive reviews online with users praising how warm the hat kept their head during even the most extreme conditions.

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

Sometimes simplicity is best and that's what you get with Carhartt. This hat design has been a best seller for years. It is made of acrylic fabric and is very stretchable and comfortable.

I've worn these hats for years and they work very well. They're very warm and quite durable. I'd suggest the blaze orange color to add a little more safety to your hunting during firearms season.

Cabela's Wooltimate 4MOST WINSHEAR Beanie

This polyester/wool hat combines fleece and 100-gram insulation to keep your head nice and toasty on those frosty mornings in the treestand. This one is also made to stand up to the wind, helping you to sit longer and increase your odds of seeing that big buck step out on a late season hunt.

Yukon Tracks TrueTimber Alaskan Fur Hat

When the temperatures really drop and you need extreme head protection from the elements, this fur hat should do the trick. This hat features a rabbit fur lining in parts of the interior and the ear flaps. The whole thing is topped with a nylon shell to help keep the elements out. It is also available in three different camo patterns and blaze orange to fit a variety of hunting situations.

Under Armour Outdoor Fleece Beanie

This Under Armour hunting hat is a good addition to any hunter's arsenal of cold weather gear. This hat features a moisture-wicking finish and features a fleece construction to help keep you warm in cold conditions. The blaze orange color will help keep you safe while hunting the always-busy firearms seasons. Under Armour is becoming more well-known for their quality hunting gear and this is no exception.

Cabela's Gore-Tex Extreme Beanie

If you're looking for a beanie that will withstand some extremely harsh weather conditions, this one might just be what you're looking for. As the name suggests, this Cabela's hat features waterproof Gore-Tex. Combine that with a microfleece lining and a polyester wrap-knit shell, and you've got a warm hat made for some serious hunting. Because that big buck is rarely going to show himself in perfect weather conditions.

Redhead Trapper Hat

If you like the old-school plaid hunting clothing look combined with a classic cold weather hat design, this one should be just the ticket. This one features faux fur, which makes it a little more affordable without sacrificing the warmth of a hat with ear flaps.

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