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10 Times Fishing Gave Us the Completely Unexpected

Facebook/Saltwater Experience

Here are 10 times when fishing just didn't go as planned.

Fishing gone wrong is the optimum phrase here. From Florida to Texas and, in fact, around the world, whenever we take to the water to relax and try our luck, some unplanned event always seems to take over.

Even grenade fishing gone wrong has a place on our list!

Russians dropping explosives from a fishing boat aside, whether we are on a fly fishing trip for big fish, or just bass fishing with friends, our favorite pastime is replete with the foibles and follies that are the stuff of legend.

Once you see some of the instances herein, you'll be reminded of how hard we try only to be stifled at the end of the day by things that we just cannot control.

Fishermen and women are a hardy bunch, but sometimes you just can't see these things coming.

Maybe we should just use a tank.


1. When you need to get wet for success

Fishing Fails!!

This is the dedication! ________________________________Special thanks @ .hookdonbassin. #catchandrelease #bassfishing #angler #fishing #bassfishingismylife #lakelanier #subscribetomyyoutube #smallmouth #smallmouthbass

Posted by Fishing Repper on Monday, April 22, 2019

2. Sinker in the arm?

Facebook/Fishing and Boat Ramp Fails

3. When a hook in the finger doesn't stop you from showing your feelings about it

4. Pay attention or lose

Ice fishing problems .....

Posted by Alex Peric Fishing on Saturday, January 6, 2018

5. There's one in every crowd

6. Body English counts

Funny fishing

Posted by I Love Fishing on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This should never be allowed to happen. Ever again.

7. Fishing anger management

Funny Fishing Video - Crazy fishing fails #1

Funny Fishing Video - Crazy fishing fails

Posted by Amazing Videos on Thursday, February 7, 2019

8. When you need Minnesota Viking Brian Robison to get the hook out of your hand

@skeeter_fowler_lake_fork_guide paging Dr. Robison!!!

Posted by Brian Robison on Friday, October 14, 2016

9. When that ice looked stronger than it was

Truck falls through ice

Just a normal February day in the Upper Midwest but oh it's not. Unfortunately it's been so warm that the ice has thawed out a good bit that it wasn't strong enough to hold the weight of a pickup truck...a trailer....AND and ice fishing house.Don't be this guy. (He wasn't injured)

Posted by Meteorologist Andy Stein on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

10. When you nearly get taken out by a king mackerel

Fishing is as important to us as any outdoor activity we undertake, maybe more important! As with anything, we can never truly see the forest for the trees and sometimes have to take what nature gives us.

And, not surprisingly, what we give each other.

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10 Times Fishing Gave Us the Completely Unexpected