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10 Saddle Pad Addicts to Help You Feel Better About Your Own Collection

Think you have too many saddle pads and your collection is getting out of control? One look at these saddle pad addicts and their collections may change your mind.

Saddle pads are an essential tack item, no doubt, but some horse owners take things a little further. Many riders see saddle pads as a way to accessorize their horses, and with a virtually unlimited supply of pad colors and styles out there, your collection can grow - and grow quickly. But saddle pad addicts? Well, their collections are particularly impressive.

Feeling a little guilty because you have a few more pads than you think it really makes sense to own? Looking at that stack of saddle pads that haven't been used in, well, far too long? Well, then take a look at these 10 photos of saddle pad addicts and we guarantee you'll feel a little bit better about your own saddle pad pile.

1. Beautifully organized! 

2. What a pretty collection.

3. Whoa! 

4. Going to need a longer horse....

5. A different day, a different pad.

6. Just a few too many pads, maybe?

7. Saddle pad addict, yes?

8. Out of room? Must be time to get another saddle.

9. One way to display your collection....

10. Beautiful colors! 

So, think you have too many saddle pads? If you really have pads that go unused, you can probably sell them if they're in good shape. Take some good photos of the pads, make sure to mention any damage, and offer them up for sale. Alternatively, consider donating the pads to a local equine rescue or therapeutic riding center.

How big is your saddle pad collection? Tell us in the comments below. 

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