funny fishing commercials

10 Funny Fishing Commercials That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Fishing companies are pretty creative when it comes to their commercials. These ten clips are sure to make you chuckle.

We have to hand it to the creative minds behind fishing commercials. Most are downright funny; putting a humorous twist into the sport we all love. Do they sell more product because of this? Tough to say. But they certainly stick with us.

Here's ten funny fishing commercials that are sure to make you giggle:

1. Rapala - 'Getaway'

2. - 'Hot Girl vs. a Fishing Lure'

3. Rapala - 'Sky Bass'

4. Rapala - 'Airplane'

5. VMC - 'Ike in a Box'

6. Rapala - 'River Otter'

7. Sufix - 'Lost and Found'

8. Rapala - 'Give Fish More Lip'

9. Rapala - 'Share Your Fish Pic'

10. Nitro - 'Boat vs. Whiny Girlfriend'

Who knew fishing was so funny? These commercials should keep you chuckling all day.

Too bad it's not a joke when a big fish breaks you off. Sigh.