10 Fishing Tattoos That Actually Look Good

Tattoos last a lifetime, so make sure it's something you love. For all you anglers, what's better than a fishing tattoo?

Tattoo designs run in the millions when it comes to options, but you always want to find a tattoo that represents who you are as a person to the fullest. If you love fishing and consider yourself a die-hard fisherman who's looking into getting a fish tattoo, we have a list for you!

These sweet pieces of body art may spark some tattoo ideas for your next ink trip. Half-sleeve tattoos, full-sleeve tattoos, back tattoos or just arm tattoos present ideas. Whatever you're looking for, these tattoo lovers have some pieces for you to check out.

Get the exact tattoo or spin it to give it a symbolic meaning from one of your favorite fishing trips, memories or styles.

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Crappie Tattoo

Don't be fooled, this is a crappie tattoo, not a crappy tattoo. Crappie are some of the best-tasting and most sought-after freshwater fish in North America.

If spring time is your favorite time of year because of the crappie bite, and you spend countless hours going after them, this might be your tattoo of choice!

Trout Tat

Trout fishermen have to love this one! It's such a neat and peaceful experience. Bring your trout fishing love to life with this neat forearm tattoo.

You never know, this may be able to serve a purpose. If you get the tattoo in the same length as a keeper trout, you can simply use this as a measuring tool.

Fly Fishing

This fly fishing tattoo is pretty sweet, too, I'm not going to lie. If you love fishing but you want to refrain from having a fish on your body, this is an interesting option. Show your passion for the sport of fly fishing by getting this creative piece of work inked onto you.

This is an awesome fishing tattoo design that includes a fishing rod and fly in a subtle manner.


This is for all those Florida boys and their saltwater excursions. Throw in a little patriotism and you have a pretty sweet blue marlin tattoo!

In Loving Memory

Many tattoos are a way to represent who you are as a person or something with a symbolic meaning behind them. If you've had a grandfather or father who loved fishing and you want to honor them in some way or form, a tattoo can be a great way to do just that.

Use this tattoo as an idea-starter or some inspiration, then make it your own to honor and remember the ones you love.

This tattoo uniquely uses both a hook and a fishing pole to form a heart.

 Koi Fish

Maybe you don't consider yourself a fisherman, but you just like fish tattoos. Koi fish tattoos are very popular and the sleeve tattoo designs provide room for a lot of creativity and bright colors. These tattoos are very visually appealing.

You can thank these beautiful fish and their colors from selective breeding that started in the Japanese culture centuries ago. Now bring that color to life on your arm with the artistic touch of a koi tattoo.

Bass Tattoo

Largemouth bass are a whole lot of fun to catch. Both powerful and aggressive, they put up fights that keep us coming back for more.

This bass tattoo design showcases the famous bass flop that drives so many anglers wild and makes for a pretty intriguing tattoo. The grey-and-black scheme makes it a very nice design and a pretty sweet choice!

Colorful Bass

Here's another incredible option. This one is super detailed and provides some very captivating colors.

If crankbaiting monster bass is your thing, this might be a tattoo that catches your attention.

Hooked On Fishing

What is a fishing tattoo list without a fish hook tattoo design? The fish hook tattoos seem to be very popular and catchy to the eye. If you're the type of person who likes your tattoos to be conversation pieces, look no further!

These tattoos are enough to make you wince sometimes. It's incredible how real some artists can make these look.

Incredible Fly Fishing Tattoo

The detail in this fly fishing tattoo is absurd. It's an amazing piece of art that hits both spectrums of fishing, above and below the surface. It showcases the rush of adrenaline the angler is experiencing up top, as well an interesting visual of the scene under the water's surface.

This is probably the coolest tattoo I have ever come across.