30 Tattoos for Die-Hard Fishermen

While some of these fishing tattoos are very cool, some take real cojones.

I suppose all it really comes down to is who loves fishing the most gets the most ink! Trying to decide what to get permanently marked on your body is a fairly difficult decision, unless of course you have had one too many drinks. Check out these awesome tats!!

Simple but still elaborate.

This one shows the fight of a big bass well! I would love to have that toad on my line!

This one is pretty much badass.

This is a very cool visual of the two worlds of fishing, yours and the fishes'.

This is pretty cool but it just reminds me of how tangled your rods can get.

There is something eery about this picture. Especially being in just black and white.

Maybe change up the lettering to look a little more country but this is perfect!

This is an awesome drawing that would make an awesome tattoo!

For you fly fisherman out there, this would make a great tat to honor someone you've lost.

This has a lot going on but I think it is a cool tribute to your home or favorite fishing hole.

I love a good day of catching trout! The way the color is so faint just to bring the black out more was clever!

Gotta think this is awesome!

This would be a cool tribute too. Pay respect to your favorite gear.

Look at that mean mug! He is on a mission!

Very colorful visual of a bass kicking some ass.

Tuna? Or Chicken?

Obviously the one flying out of the water would be the mightier of the three.

I can't say I would do it so big but this is still great!


Very bright colors; don't you just love the way it pops?

I may consider this to be my next tattoo.

This looks like a pencil sketch. It gives it an interesting look.

Eat the worm!!!!!!!!

I love the way everything intertwines on this.

Who doesn't love fishing and pretty ladies?

A simple but awesome trout tat!



Very cool tribute to the lost. For my grandpa I would have to do a fly rod. My dad is the spinning rod type.

I want this! Awesome!

I wonder if his dad liked beer or something?

This once again just reminds me of getting tangled and sheer frustration!

Getting a tattoo takes commitment. All of these pictures must be of truly committed anglers!

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