10 Facts About Collies That Prove They Are a Beautiful Breed

Energetic, intelligent, and beautiful - the Collie is a dog breed worth admiring.

Collies are best known for their long fur coats and majestic sense of poise. They're herding dogs that take top marks at every canine competition, and families across the country embrace their loving and sensitive personalities. Collies are big and beautiful, and it's no wonder they're a popular breed all around the world.

Here are a few facts about this famed breed that make them special:

1. Collies are from Scotland and were originally trained exclusively as herding dogs.

2. As one of the most intelligent dog breeds, they're usually easy to train.


3. Collie puppies look like tiny balls of fluff until they grow into their adult coats at around six months old.

4. Like many breeds, Collies have double coats that keep them warm in the winter.

5. They're strong and agile and often perform well in competitive agility.

6. As herding dogs, Collies love to be around people and learn to be fiercely loyal.

7. If they don't have a job to do, Collies love to use their energy on long walks.

8. The breed became popular when people fell in love with Lassie, a fictional dog on a TV series.


9. Rough Collies come in several different color combinations including white, sable, merle, and blue merle.

10. Collies are currently the 37th most popular dog breed in the country.

There you have it. We hope you learned something new about this beautiful dog breed!

Other Collie facts? According to VetStreet.com, 

  • Collie's are one of the best family dogs possible
  • There are two types of Collies. The most common is the Rough Collie, the classic Lassie, with a long coat. The Smooth Collie sports a short, dense and flat coat.
  • Rough Collies are not a good choice for someone who is allergic to dogs. They shed throughout the year and blow coat twice a year, during which you can easily pull clumps of hair out with your fingers. The rough variety has an outer coat that needs significant care.
  • Collie eye anomaly is a group of eye disorders ranging from minor to serious. They are present at birth, and may be detected in puppies as early as five to eight weeks of age.
  • Other health issues include something very serious that all owners should be aware of. Collie health should be monitored as they can be affected by a number of genetic health problems, including multiple drug sensitivities from a mutation in the multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1). Dogs with this mutation can have serious or fatal reactions to a number of common drugs.
  • Collie dogs are eager and quick to please but need a change in routine! They are working dogs and their energy level needs to be addressed daily!

Remember that they are a herding breed with a herding instinct but not nearly as intense as a Border Collie! If you need some good resources you should consider the American Kennel Club (AKC), and Collie Club of America.

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