Check Out These 10 Cool Ideas for Turkey Mounts

Every year thousands of turkey are taken by hunters and thousands are turned into artwork on our walls and floors. But sometimes, it gets difficult to figure out the best way to display our trophies. Here are 10 of the coolest ideas.

Keeping in mind that a trophy is different for everyone, these tips and ideas should help you no matter what your bird looks like.

1. Cleared for Landing

A turkey mounted in the "fly down" pose can bring back memories of an early morning in the turkey woods.

2. Fighting Toms

These are two ocellated rurkeys fighting. Anytime you can add additional animals, turkey or otherwise, it can add beauty.

3. Down for the Count

The addition of habitat to a mount is always a good idea. It makes it look more realistic.

4. Solo

Sometimes the best way isn't all that "cool," but it sure is beautiful to display a big tom in full strut.

5. The Fight Never Ends

There are only so many ways to display your turkey but a fight adds movement which makes the mount more dynamic.

6. Grab Some Lunch

Predators are a neat way to change up the dynamics of your mount and get the most "oohs" and "aahs" from your buddies.

7. Lunch is Served

Sometimes the turkey loses.

8. Coyotes Have to Eat, too.

Make your PETA friends mad by showing them the cycle of life.

9. Sometimes the Turkey Wins

This is a bearded hen protecting her nest. There is even a hatched chick in the nest. There is some dispute about whether her tail is realistic, but let's face it...this is a cool mount.

10. Hands Down the BEST Way to Display Your Bird

There's no doubt that the best way to display the bird, and get the most impressive reaction, is to eat it.

Happy hunting!

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