10 Chicken Costumes to Get Your Coop Ready for Halloween

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If you can convince your chickens to wear one of these costumes, we think they definitely deserve some mealworms, cracked corn, and warm oatmeal rewards as Halloween treats. And please, don't forget to get some pictures, too!

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to get your pet chickens in the holiday spirit. Gather up your backyard chickens, get inspired, and with a little DIY magic, you'll be ready to enter your local Halloween costume contest. Check out these 10 chicken costumes that will get your chicken coop ready for the best Halloween party ever!

They'll definitely win the Halloween costume party.

1. Straight out of a fairy tale

2. Octoberfest costumes that are perfect for Halloween!

3. This chicken is quite the princess.

4. Chicken taco, anyone? 

5. This duo is ready for trick-or-treating. 

6. Pretty sure the shark costume wins, hands down. 

7.  New type of pumpkin: The chicken pumpkin. 

8. Police chicken reporting for duty. 

9. Chickens of the sea.

10. Someone loves pink! 

Chicken Costume Safety Tips

While it's great to celebrate Halloween with your chickens, do keep in mind that all costumes must be safe. Watch for any choking hazards (chickens love to peck and try to eat). Don't leave your chicken unsupervised in an animal costume (you don't want a tangled up or picked on chicken). And most of all, don't restrict a chicken's ability to see, move, hear, or eat.

For the best results, you'll probably need to make your own costume for your chicken, though you can sometimes find chicken-sized accessories on Etsy or eBay. For a simple costume, go with a basic chicken hat that you can quickly and easily remove if your little chicken doesn't feel like getting dressed up. You can keep larger costumes in place with Velcro, which is also easy to undo if your chicken isn't cooperating.

Keep your costumes basic when you're getting started out. Use some felt or fabric scraps to create a chicken suit, or transform your chicken into Little Red Riding Hood with some red felt for a cape. With a glue gun, some felt, and a little creativity, you can create some fun pet costumes suitable for your chickens.

Vehomy Chicken Halloween Costume

Omg! Look at this adorable adult chicken costume! I love this chicken tutu. It's not super spooky, but it's too cute. You can find this chicken Halloween costume on Amazon today.

Of course, not all baby chicks like to dress up in Halloween costumes. Don't ever force a chicken or any other farm animals into a costume. There's always next year and plenty of time to practice!

Have a little one obsessed with chickens? Consider a toddler costume! Amazon has unisex funky chicken costumes that are cluckin' cute! For more baby chicken costume ideas, visit

This post was originally published on October 3, 2019.

Which of these chicken Halloween costumes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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