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10 Biggest Fish Caught in Michigan [PICS]

National Geographic

Sometimes, size does matter, especially when it comes to fishing.

The waters in Michigan have produced some monster fish, as the 10 biggest fish on record show.

1. 193-pound Lake Sturgeon

Caught in 1974 on Mullett Lake in Cheboygan County.

National Geographic

2.61.5-pound Lake Trout

Caught in 1997 on Lake Superior.

Don Jordan Outdoors
Don Jordan Outdoors

3. 61.5-pound Carp

Caught in 1974 on Wolf Lake in Jackson, County. Actual fish not pictured...


4. 58-pound Great Lakes Muskellunge

Caught in 2012 on Lake Bellaire in Antrim, County.


5. 52-pound Flathead Catfish

Caught in 2014 on Barron Lake in Cass County.


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6.51.19-pound Tiger Musky

Caught in 1919 on Lac Vieux Desert in Gogebic County.

Big Fish Tackle
Big Fish Tackle

7. 49.75-pound Northern Muskellunge

Caught in 2000 on Thornapple Lake in Barry County. Not actual fish pictured...

Wikimedia (not actual fish)

8. 46.06-pound Chinook Salmon

Caught in 1978 on the Grand River in Kent County. Not actual fish pictured.

Wikimedia (not actual fish)

9. 41.45-pound Brown Trout

Caught in 2009 on the Manistee River in Manistee County.


10. 41.25-pound Black Buffalo

Caught in 2014 on Bear Lake in Muskegon County.

Josh Teunis/mlive
Josh Teunis/Mlive

Fishing in Michigan can be amazing and there is your proof. Maybe you can make this list one day.

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10 Biggest Fish Caught in Michigan [PICS]