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10 Terrible Fishing Tattoos You'll be Glad Aren't on Your Body

My Next Tattoo

Tattoos last a lifetime and I'm not so sure some of these people really thought that through.

Yes, tattoos are a way to express yourself and put your feelings in artistic form. We get that. Tattoos are also permanent and reside there for life.

Based off the looks of some of these tattoos, these people might have forgotten that part. Take a look at ten fishing tattoos that are just plain terrible!

1. Kiss my bass

kiss my bass
Photo via My Next Tattoo

I'd rather not. Classy, real classy.

2. Naughty fisherman

Photo via Pinterest

No, no just no.

3. Marlin for 'Merica 2016

Photo via
Photo via

I am all for being patriotic and I also love a good fight with a blue marlin, but it's the back tattoo containing both of them I am not so sure about.

4. Ol' shark armpit

Photo via Pinterest

Who talked her into this one? I bet she loves Shark Week.

5. Bass back

Bass Back
Photo via Pinterest

Nothing quite screams "Redneck Girl" like back tattoo of a bass. Also, those denim 'underwear' have got to go.

6. Mr. Hook

toe hook
Photo via Pinterest

Someone remind this guy not to wear sandals.

7. Indescribable

Photo via

Indescribable could sometimes be a compliment for a tattoo. Not the case here, is that even a fish?

8. Dolphin dude

Photo via

Brace yourself, this may be the strangest thing you see all day. Kudos for the humor in the face of tragedy, though!

9. Mike Tyson wannabe

Bad Fishing Tattoo-1
Photo via

We really hope this one is not real. Mike Tyson would definitely approve though. It has to be Photoshop, right?

10. Caught by the collarbone

Photo via Pinterest

Pretty? No. Painful? Yes.

All of these people need a stiff drink. Like this moonshine recipe below!

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10 Terrible Fishing Tattoos You'll be Glad Aren't on Your Body