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10 Abnormal Deer Racks You've Probably Never Seen


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A deer's antlers can come in all shapes and sizes...

But you've definitely never seen them in these shapes or sizes. You've got to check out the abnormal antlers in the video above.

Antler growth can impress us, or it can give us the willies. Either way, deer antlers are a fascinating thing to study.

Did you know that a growing antler is the quickest-growing tissue in the animal kingdom? The main beams and brow tines are an easy way to "score" a deer or antlered animal and determine who had the biggest rack.

But deer hunting isn't all about the trophy you get on the wall. And when you harvest a big game animal like the ones in the video, are you even sure you want to hang it up somewhere?

Typical antlers on whitetail bucks, or mule deer or elk, for that matter, are beautiful to look at. But there's something about antler deformities that we just can't take our eyes off of. It's sort of like a car wreck that way...

Non-typical racks can be beautiful in their own right, but it's the fact that one side isn't the same as the other that throws things off. Antler development doesn't follow the pattern we'd expect, and a buck that has a set of antlers unlike anything else is a trophy of a different kind.

Feast your eyes on some of the craziest deer racks that have ever been captured via photograph. Would you hang any of these on your wall?



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10 Abnormal Deer Racks You've Probably Never Seen