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Top 10 Coyote Attacks Caught on Camera

Coyotes are top predators that capitalize on anything they think they can eat.

Coyotes target anything from wild game, garbage or your family pet.

Watch these top 10 coyote attacks caught on tape and marvel at their aggressiveness and intelligence.

When coyotes invade the suburban neighborhoods, they are the top predator around.

These top dogs will eat just about anything they can chew on and swallow. Farmers lose produce and livestock; Pets are a top food choice; Suburban human dwellers are menaced by these scavengers.

These cunning predators work as a team in a pack to take down larger game.

Next time you see that neighborhood coyote and think it’s just a furry dog, think again. That animal is predator that is very high on the top of the food chain.

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Top 10 Coyote Attacks Caught on Camera