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Moose Antler Shed Hunting by Airplane [VIDEO]

Hunting moose antler sheds by a Super Cub plane is nothing short of awesome.

Watch these guys fly expertly into the deep wilderness and find huge sheds.

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At the end of the trip, these shed hunters are bringing home a huge pile of antlers.


Using a little Super Cub airplane, these shed hunters are after the big prizes; we are talking huge moose antlers.

While flying over the landscape, these monstrous moose antler sheds are spotted. GPS coordinates are taken on a bunch of them. Then it’s time to go fetch them. Landing a plane in the bush is not an easy task; airports are just not out in the middle of nowhere. Once a good spot is found to land, then the hike to the antlers begin. At the end of the trip, a mighty pile of the Goliath-sized sheds is found and collected.

This is not your average deer antler hunting shed trip, that’s for certain. That looks like too much fun!

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Moose Antler Shed Hunting by Airplane [VIDEO]