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As a Hunter Was Staking Out a Deer, This Woman Started Harassing Him

Kyle Anderson was staking out a deer in Michigan when this woman started harassing him, and he caught it all on video.

In October 2015, Kyle Anderson was following a nice 8-point buck that made its way into Michigan’s Grand Traverse East Bay. While he was not planning on shooting the swimming deer while it was in the water, he did not want to lose sight of this beauty. Until this woman got involved.

During an ongoing and legal hunt, Anderson says in the video description that he faced multiple instances of harassment, but this woman took the cake entirely.

Having already called the police on her for illegally parking her car, Anderson walks to confront the woman who continues to point fingers and yell at him. Demanding to see his hunting license, she does not give up.

“Are you DNR, ma’am?” Anderson asks her. “I don’t have to be! I will citizens arrest you, I don’t care!” she yells at him, harassing him as she charges closer each time.

Fortunately for Anderson, he legally was able to obtain his deer tag for the season and ended up with the 8-point buck he saw in the bay. He handled the situation with patience and grace, reaching out to the authorities when necessary instead of taking matters into his own hands.

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As a Hunter Was Staking Out a Deer, This Woman Started Harassing Him