Angler cops
YouTube: W2 Outdoors

Woman Calls the Cops On an Angler for Trespassing, But He's Actually Well Within His Rights

When this lady called the cops on a guy just trying to fish, she probably didn't expect this from the responding officer.

As this fisherman says in his video, he's had a few unpleasant encounters with this woman before. Like clockwork, he turns on his GoPro and she starts yelling about him trespassing.

She's so angry with his actions that she even calls the cops. One officer shows up, and this happens.

Watch the video below:

As the angler talks to the cop, he's respectful and presents his case logically. He doesn't get upset, although it does help that he knew the woman would call the cops anyway.

He keeps his GoPro on and the cop even talks fishing with him! Remember this video the next time you're out in a sticky situation, just keep your cool and others will follow.

Has this ever happened to you? Let us know!

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