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Everything That Can Go Wrong on a Hog Hunt

Things don’t always go as planned on a hog hunt. These hunters captured awesome and hilarious footage of hog hunting gone wrong.

Feral hogs are intelligent animals.

Couple this intelligence with their size, speed, and strength, and a hog can quickly turn the tables on an unlucky or unwary hunter.

As these hunters demonstrated, you always need to be on your toes when hunting feral hogs, especially when they are atclose range. A hog is not as dangerous as an angry buffalo or elephant, but a charging hog can quickly turn an ordinary hunt into a dangerous situation. More than one hunter has had their day ruined by a very angry feral hog.

Be cautious next time you’re out in the woods, so you don’t end up in a video like this someday!

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Everything That Can Go Wrong on a Hog Hunt