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This Deer Takes a Nap in an Interesting Spot in Alabama

Deborah Russell/Facebook

Anyone who’s deer hunted long enough has bumped a deer off its bed, but I bet you’ve never encountered one on a couch!

The whitetail rut must be pretty intense in Jefferson County, Alabama. Deborah Russell was driving down a country road and witnessed this exhausted doe napping on an old couch. Let’s put aside the question of why there was a couch on the side of the road and focus on the this bizarre sight. Watch it below.

Caution: semi-strong language. 

Maybe this is the whitetail doe’s version of, “I have a headache, not tonight.” If she’s sprawled out on the couch sawing logs, don’t bother even trying to approach her boys.

What’s the lesson in this strange scenario?

Instead of wasting money next year on doe-in-heat scents and decoys, drag out your old broken down La-Z-Boy and leave it near a pinch point. You’ll be bringing in does for a rest and the big boys won’t be far behind them.

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This Deer Takes a Nap in an Interesting Spot in Alabama