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Brett Favre Salutes Peyton Manning from his Treestand

At least this Favre video is worth watching, unlike that Peyton Manning Broncos game! 

I think most football fans knew it was a matter of time before Peyton Manning started breaking even more of Brett Favre’s records. On Sunday November, 15th, Manning passed Favre for most career passing yards all time.

In pure Brett Favre fashion, he sent a nice video message to Manning just as this monumental achievement took place.

Yep. Looks like one more time that Manning came along and interrupted Favre doing what he does best. At least Favre was able to handle this business from his treestand.

Good job Favre, way to stick to your roots. Oh, and good luck Manning. Hopefully the end of your career turns out a little better than Favre’s.


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Brett Favre Salutes Peyton Manning from his Treestand