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200-Inch Record Mule Deer Shot in Oklahoma

Tulsa World

If this score holds, it will be either third or fourth all time for the state. 

Oklahoma has produced another record deer for 2015. Just recently, news broke of this insanely large buck that a 14-year-old girl shot, which is going down as one of the largest whitetails ever for the state. Now, this new record mule deer is going to do the same, but just for a different species.

Justin Lotstitch was hunting on the last day of muzzleloader season in Oklahoma when this giant mule deer presented a shot.


“I felt some buck fever, I’m not going to lie,” said Lotstitch in an interview with Tulsa World. “It does set in a little bit when you get that close and put your eyes on ‘em.”

As of right now, the green score of this incredible mule deer sits at approximately 200-inches. If this holds true, the Lotstitch buck will fall into number three or number four all time for the state.

“I put about a mile-long stalk on him,” Lotstitch said. “I got to within 100, 150 yards and that was it. I hunted some in New Mexico, but anywhere you go when you get into that 200-inch range it’s a big buck.”

Lotstitch had been watching this record mule deer for several years on their family ranch. As of now, it is estimated that this deer is is six and half years old. If that is the case, that would put it right in the prime of its life for a huge rack.

Here’s to a once-in-a-lifetime buck!

Images via Tulsa World.


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200-Inch Record Mule Deer Shot in Oklahoma