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8-Foot Prehistoric Giant Pulled From Texas Waters

alligator gar

Need a rush? How about reeling in an eight-foot prehistoric giant on a rod.

Everything is bigger in Texas. A common saying that you will hear quite often, especially from those oh so proud Texans. But that is exactly the case with this monster alligator gar.

Resembling dinosaurs almost closer than any other animals, these alligator gars can reach enormous sizes and result in some amazing experiences. A true prehistoric giant, this gar exceeds eight feet and gives these fishermen the battle of a life time.

Bringing in a fish bigger than the boat is always a good day of fishing.

An amazing beast and a day of fishing these guys will never forget. It is cool to think these ageless wonders still lurk in the muddy waters in our country.

A Texas-sized fish for sure. It is neat to see the fishermen release the fish to its habitat and maybe someone can catch it down the road as it continues to grow.

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8-Foot Prehistoric Giant Pulled From Texas Waters