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What Do You Think About These 10 Massive Farm-Raised Deer?

Are deer farmers going too far? 

Everyone likes antlers, and even more people are crazy about big antlers, but are deer farmers pushing the envelope a little far? Some deer farmers, have figured out techniques to grow absolutely larger-than-life deer that have unbelievable antlers. How are they growing these deer? Superior genes, incredible nutritional plan, hormonal alterations, steroids, or a combination everything?

Those answers are a bit of an industry secret, but what isn’t a secret is the some of the unbelievable antlers that come from deer farming.

1. Gladiator XL

gladiator xl
Autumn Legends

This buck scored 390 inches only in its third year. Yes, you read that right.

2. The ‘430-pound’ deer

snopes deer

In short, this farm-raised deer actually weighed 420 pounds and was shot in Wisconsin. Not sure what they were feeding this deer, but it’s the Shaq of Deer. Learn all about the urban legend buck.

3. Big Rig, the 600-inch buck

Whitetail Exchange

On Whitetail Exchange, one straw of Big Rig’s semen netted a cool $5,110 in 2012. In 2011, Big Rigg scored 636 inches at 2 years old. Who even knew deer could grow over 600 inches?

4. Largest buck shot on a hunting preserve

apple creek 610 inch
Apple Creek Ranch

This buck was shot at Apple Creek Ranch in Wisconsin, but it’s hard telling how much this buck cost. According to their website, a buck that ranges from 301-330″ costs a whopping $17,500. This buck scored 610″ at was considered to be the largest deer ever shot at the time of the hunt in 2012.

5. Max the buck

Ohio deer
Waldvogel Whitetails

This gnarly buck was raised in Ohio and is one massive gentleman.

6. Who said Florida can’t grow huge deer?

Roberts ranch
Roberts Ranch

This a photo from a ranch in Florida. It appears they have no problem growing deer that belong in the circus of whitetail deer.

7. Ballistic, the 561-inch buck

super deer
Stein Hausers

The farmer who grew this giant buck claims Purina and AntlerMax products were the secret formula.

8. Another freak show buck

Things with Antlers
Things With Antlers

How much do you think this buck would score?

9. Holy mass!

farm deer
Things With Antlers

I wonder how difficult it is for these deer to shed their velvet. These deer look healthy, but just with unbelievably-sized antlers.

10. Mr. 808

Things with antlers tumblr

Things With Antlers

Take a look at the brow tines of this buck, and the drop tines, and everything else… These deer defy the limits of nature.

Thinking about farming deer after seeing these pictures?

Well to start, you’ll a need a breeder buck. The price for breeder bucks range from $2,000 to $1,000,000. Some farmers share their breeders bucks, while others buy straws for semen. The cost for a straw of semen ranges from $100 to $1o,000.

I think it’s important to note that all deer farms don’t grow these huge whitetial deer. Personally, my family has had a deer farm over 20 years. No, we don’t raise them to eat or shoot them – we are what other deer farmers would consider casual farmers.

Jake Hofer

Looking at these pictures many would claim that the deer are “unhealthy,” but knowing what these deer are worth, farmers do everything to keep their herd just as healthy as photogenic.

Do you think science and genetics are going too far providing the means to grow humongous whitetail deer?


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What Do You Think About These 10 Massive Farm-Raised Deer?