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South Dakota Non-Typical Archery Whitetail Record Officially Confirmed

South Dakota Hunting

Austin Earley's buck has officially been scored and tops the former South Dakota state record by almost 30 inches. 

On September 28th, Austin Earley tagged the biggest archery South Dakota buck in history. The record buck was shot near Brookings, South Dakota early in the season, but the official word of its non-typical record status was recently released.


Boone & Crockett, and Pope & Young Club mandates a 60-day drying period before a buck can officially be scored. Earley waited a few more than 60 days before official Boone & Crockett measurer Stan Rauch put the tape to the record buck.


Earley's buck had 20 non-typical points totaling 54 6/8 inches. The buck had a typical 6 x 6 frame and surprisingly only had 4 1/8 inches in deductions. For such a gnarly buck, that's a feat in itself.

The buck scored a whopping total of 241 0/8 inches and surpasses the previous record of 211 3/8 inches. That's almost exactly 30 inches!

sheds of the record buck

Earley knew the buck was in the area and found the buck's shed the year before. It appears the buck made a substantial jump from the following year.

Congratulations, Austin! That's one incredible ending to the hunt of a lifetime.

All images via South Dakota Hunting.


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South Dakota Non-Typical Archery Whitetail Record Officially Confirmed