You’re Not Ready for What These Guys Just Rescued From This Trench

How on earth did a deer get stuck in that skinny little ditch anyway?

There's a construction crew out there somewhere with the story of their lives, and luckily enough, you can see it unfold right here. After trenching quite some distance for phone, cable, or possibly electric lines, they came across an animal that had become trapped below.

We've seen some great animal saves over the years and many times thanks to hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor loving men and women. This time it's a crew of guys just trying to make a living when an animal needed their help.

Watch as these fine fellows take a little time to clear their hard earned trench of an obstruction. It's just that you won't believe what it is that fell in there, or how it could possibly fit into that skinny ditch!

Caution: graphic language used in the video.

First of all, that's not the first time we've seen a saved deer, nor one that made that noise during its ordeal! Secondly, you could put your foot sideways across that ditch and it probably wouldn't fit, so just how did that big of a doe ever get herself in there?!

Luckily, you can hear one man ask if the rescue strap came off of her, and another answer "Yeah." Cheers to these guys for taking the time to rescue a creature in distress!

Hopefully the foreman bought them all some lunch!

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